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11-Nov-2018 11:43

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Localisation is something everyone should really care about.

Creating your applications, or websites, in a manner that can be easily localised for different languages and cultures is not only “good practice”, but it may also provide additional opportunities. NET framework, and WPF, has rich support for localisation, with WPF even having “baked in” support for switching flow direction for right to left languages.

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The first is a simple application that uses a static Resource Manager Service that shows the basic implementation.The second is a PRISM based application that uses the container/service locator, Event Aggregator, weak references, and several different modules to give a more “advanced” example.Resource PRISMResource I haven’t yet used this solution in anger, but it certainly seems to “tick all the boxes” from my initial requirements.Comments, suggestions, criticisms and flames are welcomed 🙂 Hello there!

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