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was just as much a fairy tale to make as it is to watch.“It was a pivotal moment, not just professionally, but for me personally,” Zellweger told about the beloved Cameron Crowe film last month.

The sports drama was a critical and box-office hit, as well as Zellweger’s breakout vehicle—pitting the sweet twentysomething Texan opposite the world’s biggest movie star, Tom Cruise, and proving that she had the dramatic ability and charisma to match his.

It was a stratospheric jump for Zellweger, who, at the time, had only only recently moved to Los Angeles and appeared in a handful of films including .“When I got the job, I was living in a garage apartment in West Hollywood and I was very happy,” Zellweger recalled.

“I remember that life felt like it was starting to gain momentum, in terms of maturing and growing up and different professional opportunities.

My dog Dillon and I had finally found our way around Los Angeles, and we were pretty happy being here.”While Zellweger was getting her bearings, Crowe was conducting a casting search for his Dorothy, the single mother who makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to leave her full-time job and join Cruise’s title character as he quits his job at a Hollywood agency and jumps into the vast unknown.

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He was just spoiling everybody as he tended to do.”One of the best scenes in the film, the one in which Maguire tries to rally fellow employees to walk out with him but only manages to attract Dorothy, is another vivid memory.“I remember we were filming really late into the night,” Zellweger said. It was quite a large set, so he was quite far away, and Tom stayed until late into the night. you don’t have to stay.’ But he said, ‘No, I’m going to be here.’ He was there all night, even though he was completely off camera, and I just needed to look in his direction, and kind of walk toward the elevators. I respect that so much, and that is what I took away from it.

“The scene where I’m standing up and talking to him across the room, saying, ‘I will go with you.’ . He’d been filming in that little office all day, and had his crazy scenes on the telephone, you know, requiring all that energy.”“I told him, ‘You really can go home . He was insisting that it be him standing [off camera, as opposed to a stand in]. He loves making movies—he loves it.”And 20 years later, Cruise has not forgotten his love interest—he sends her at least one gift a year.“He never forgets my birthday,” Zellweger revealed.

Capricorn. Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger July 2009 - March 2011. Cooper and Zellweger, who costarred in Case 39, have been dating since last July, and rumors began circulating they were engaged when Renee was spotted looking for wedding rings in June of 2010. Both of their reps shot down the rumors. more.… continue reading »

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