Who is dating keanu reeves

06-Oct-2018 21:32

As we’ve already discussed, twice, there’s a fine line between dedication and obsession.What one person would consider to be a perfectly normal hobby like owning the same VHS tape 500 times, another person might see that as a tad bizarre or even god forbid, excessive.However, we think that kind of enthusiasm for anything is rather endearing so we scoured the internet to find 10 more people who are insane(ly) committed to the thing they love.

The best part is, Beitz doesn’t even look after his tapes, he just piles them up in the back of his van (which he’s trying to make look like the bus from the movie). Hey, speaking of owning a copy of everything ever made in a dead format …

Hell, he doesn’t even known how many copies of the film he has because he’s never bothered to count. The Dreamcast is one the many failures on behalf of Sega to defeat their eternal blood rivals, Nintendo, in the apparently never ending console war.