Who are tegan and sara dating 2016

10-Feb-2019 06:10

” sees the sis duo laying down their sweet vocals on-top of propulsive ’80’s-esque synthesizers and signature, Kurstin-esque electronica while they get all serious about that whole are-we-dating-or-just-casually-hooking-up stage (we’ve all been there! She had a guy that she was sort of seeing, and we used to joke around that she was treating me like her boyfriend, and I was trying to get her to tie it down,” Sara told . And I think that’s pretty relatable: obviously, being gay, the sort of gender twist in the song.

): “You treat me like your boyfriend/ And trust me like a… I get that that sometimes doesn’t seem immediately relatable to everybody, whether they’re straight or whatever.

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"'Be With You' is interesting because Tegan and I were such big advocates of the same-sex marriage movement in the United States and in Canada.But the twist is that I, personally, don't want to be married," she continued."As I've gotten older, because I'm queer and because it's suddenly really apparent how deeply unfair it was that gay people couldn't get married, I've had to reassess my feelings about marriage," she said, adding her family didn't put much emphasis on the status."So now I'm asking, 'What does it mean, historically and culturally?