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When I was around the age of 12 – 15 I struggled immensely with my walk with the Lord.Not that I was walking completely away, I just wasn’t following in the path God would have me to go. I was hard-headed and rebellious to my true calling of God.I had no desire to marry, didn’t exactly want children, and wanted to move out on my own and do my own things later in my life.Seeing my straying away from God, my mom put in front of me as many Christian literature, inspirational books, and training collections as she possibly could.When I first started reading them, I felt some change, but I was bull-headed.

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Be sure to check out my sequel post…More Books Christian Teen Girls Should Read!, protagonists Annie (Nichole Bloom) and Jules (Fabianne Therese) are sitting in their car when they get rammed by a pickup truck.The driver, Frank (Pat Healy), stumbles out of the vehicle in a daze, then walks toward the two injured girls with a threatening look on his face.The film then flashes back several months earlier, and for a long time, we forget about the cold open — the automotive violence a distant memory (or prediction) underneath the dreamy haze of teenagers trying to figure out their paths in life.