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I'm creating a bunch of data from Access and sending to Excel and then creating a bunch of Charts. As each is created, I want to copy it and paste into a Word document.

Open Rpt Path & Rpt Name & WDdate 'Translates to History Data_20170828'------------------ other stuff For Z = 1 To Active Sheet.

Paste Special Link:=False, Data Type:=wdpastetext, Placement:=wdinline, displayasicon:=False 'This line fails You need to tell Word where to paste the chart - and use an appropriate paste format (Data Type).

Paste Special Link:=False, Data Type:=wd Paste Enhanced Metafile, Placement:=wd In Line, Display As Icon:=False Using: .

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Apr 25, 2014. is used to identify if a Western Digital AC31000 1Gbyte drive is installed as the user's "C" drive and, if so, if it matches the criteria of the DCM character string that indicates that the drive is within the range of manufactured drives that might have a head/media stiction problem which would.… continue reading »

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