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If you have a wifi LAN card / USB adapter, then you can use it as an access point so that other machines can connect to the internet via your machine using Wifi.

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If on the other hand you want to run the latest versions of Raspbian, Octo Print and all the other packages, and get a sense of how it all fits together, do follow the instructions below (warning: not for the faint of heart).

Octo Print support for 250000 baudrate on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian In this guide, it is assumed you are going to be using the latest version of Raspbian available from the Raspberry Foundation.

If you are using the latest versions of Raspbian and Octo Print, there is no need to patch pyserial as it was described int this wiki page.

However, there are printers that are not compatible with 250000 baudrate, even with the right version of pyserial.

Before installing Octo Print on a virgin copy of Raspbian, first run "sudo apt-get update" to ensure that you are installing to the latest updates as there are a few routines that are not current that Octo Print will need.

For the basic package you'll need Python 2.7 (should be installed by default) and pip.