Updating panasonic sa bt200 player

14-Feb-2019 11:41

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A chisel and hammer cut the flat head off that (on the outside of the chassis) and the board was free.

I un-soldered the capacitor and put it on my component tester – it showed as 'failed device'.

So off I went to the electronics store to get a 150u F @ 400V replacement. Never mind, 2 x 100u F @ 400V in parallel will work just like 1 x 200u F @ 400V, so no problem.

Looking at the circuit board there are several un-fitted component holes and/or wire links.

My multimeter told me that 3 holes adjacent to the capacitor location were all connected to the hole for the positive leg of the failed capacitor.

So I extended the negative lead of one capacitor to 6cm, covered it with some insulation stripped off from some power cable and soldered it to the negative terminal of the other capacitor close to its body. And now having 200u F instead of 150u F in the power input filter should prevent a recurrence of the failure. Only advised if the high voltage capacitor(s) in the power supply have failed. I have the same Panasonic Bluray player/Amplifier with the same problem.