Updating clause used in instead of trigger

20-Nov-2018 13:33

2) Next BEFORE row level trigger fires, once for each row affected.

Simple views are generally updateable via DML statements issued against the view.However, when a view becomes more complex it may lose its “updateable-ness,” and the Oracle INSTEAD-OF trigger must be used.TRIGGER_NAME — Name of the trigger TRIGGER_TYPE – The type is BEFORE, AFTER, INSTEAD OF TRIGGER_EVENT — The DML operation firing the trigger TABLE_OWNER – Owner of the table BASE_OBJECT_TYPE – Object type TABLE_NAME – Name of the database table COLUMN_NAME – Name of the Column REFERENCING_NAMES – Name used for : OLD and : NEW WHEN_CLAUSE – The when_clause used STATUS – The status of the trigger DESCRIPTION – Description ACTION_TYPE – Type of action TRIGGER_BODY — The action to take Don’t use triggers – The best way to avoid the mutating table error is not to use triggers.While the object-oriented Oracle provides “methods” that are associated with tables, most savvy PL/SQL developers avoid triggers unless absolutely necessary.

updating clause used in instead of trigger-13

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Use an “after” trigger - If you must use a trigger, it’s best to avoid the mutating table error by using an “after” trigger.

For example, using a trigger “:after update on xxx”, the original update has completed and the table will not be mutating.