Unhappy married women chat

07-Nov-2018 20:42

Of course you want the happiest marriage possible, but little things you do—some of which you don't notice—may be damaging your relationship.In fact, you may intentionally opt for these actions because you believe they're helpful, even though the opposite is true.Steer clear of the following mistakes to keep your marriage on the right track.Men want to be strong, not vulnerable, and many feel they can't admit to having additional needs.

Brosh, who explains that skipping out a few times can quickly turn into a long dry spell."If you aren't into it, it's your responsibility to understand why.It might be physiological or emotional, but addressing the problem shows you care." Talk to your doctor about revving your sex drive."Ignoring the problem is as bad as ignoring him," says Dr. Some women fondly look back on former flames as time blurs the reasons you fell apart.

Careful, though: "A long-gone ex can affect established relationships," says relationship expert Charles J. Mentioning an ex's best qualities may incite unhelpful arguments about what your husband could be doing better.

Focus on your spouse's top attributes, which likely outnumber old what's-his-name's, and communicate problems instead of making comparisons.

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