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"A finales del siglo XVIII, los frailes dominicos establecidos en Murcia, solían organizar procesiones en honor a la Virgen María las noches de los sábados .Durante el acto se entonaban bellas y originales canciones, del gusto de los feligreses que , acudían en gran número tanto de la capital cómo de la huerta.My last post on David Brooks, conservatism and neuroscience inspired a spirited debate.I argued that the discoveries of modern neuroscience seem to support liberal public policies focused on reducing levels of inequality: While conservatives tend to regard poverty as primarily a cultural issue, solvable by increasing marriage rates and transitioning people to minimum wage jobs, this research suggests that the symptoms of poverty are not simply states of mind; they actually warp the mind.

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In fact, I think modern neuroscience has helped us understand what types of inequality we can prevent and what types of inequality are simply beyond our control.

Our brains will never all be the same – the IQ test will always have a bell-shaped distribution – but we now know how to provide every brain with the opportunity to reach its full genetic potential. For example, the lab of Elizabeth Gould placed marmosets into three different types of environments. The primates were socially isolated, and provided with a limited assortment of toys.

(This, tragically, is “the standard laboratory cage”.) The second group of marmosets was placed in a simple enriched environment.

They could occasionally play with other marmosets, swing on some branches, and exercise their curious instincts.

The third group of marmosets was placed in the -enriched environment.They could forage for food, play all day with an assortment of toys, etc. Monkeys living in the bare bones environment had reduced levels of synaptic protein, fewer dendritic connections, and less complexity in their dendritic trees.After four weeks, the scientists looked to see what had happened to the brains of these three different groups of primates. Whatever genetic differences there were between the individual marmosets were completely overwhelmed by the limiting effects of their impoverished environment.But what about the monkeys in either of enriched environments?

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