Sql server statistics not updating

08-Oct-2018 09:34

Yes you need to update the statistics manually, especially as your database gets bigger.The auto_update statistics logic only kicks in after the table has grown by 20% from what it was the last time the statistics were updated.In larger tables this can be hundreds of millions of records.

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But if a user is running the same old query, which ran in an acceptable amount of time earlier but is now taking significantly longer, this might be because of stale or out-of-date statistics on the columns of the table being used in the query.

There are certain operations after which you need to ensure statistics are up-to-date for the predictable query response time, for example, when you are performing some operations that change distribution of data significantly, such as truncating a table or performing a bulk insert of a large percentage of the rows or delete a large number of rows etc.