Parent guide to teenage dating

06-Mar-2019 13:53

One of the toughest areas of raising a teenager is determining how to approach dating and sexuality.This is also one of the most hotly contested aspects of your relationship with your teen since they are unlikely to have all of the same opinions regarding dating and sex that you have.Unlike many of the rules you may set for your child, this is one area where it may be particularly difficult to determine whether they are following your rules and if not, how on earth to get them to do so.When it comes to dating, different parents are likely to have very different opinions as to when it is appropriate for a child to start.Children as young as kindergarten may refer to their boyfriends or girlfriends but they are obviously not dating each other the same way two 16 year olds are.

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It is not worth a dozen arguments only to discover that your child is talking about something different altogether than you are.Some parents are more comfortable with different types of dating at different ages.Other parents do not care about the age of their children until "dating" becomes a one-on-one event.There is no one right age when a teen should be permitted to date; the correct age should be based on your family values and the personality and behaviors of your teen.

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Likewise, your values and your child should also determine the other rules regarding dating.For example, if you believe that your daughter has reached an appropriate age for dating, but worry because she tends to be naive, you may want to require that her dates meet you prior to them going out.Be careful that your assessment of your teen is genuine to who they are and not a reflection of who you were at that age or any unmerited paranoia.Your child is not simply a miniature version of you and should not be judged too harshly or too generously based on your behavior as a teen.