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You can view and update a Share Point calendar, just as you do your Outlook calendar.Use Microsoft Outlook 2010 to view a calendar from a Share Point site side-by-side with an Outlook calendar, view an overlay of the calendars as if they were one single calendar, and even copy events among the calendars.Note: The features described in this article require Microsoft Share Point technologies in your organization’s environment.These features work best with Share Point 2007 or newer.If you are not sure which version of Microsoft Share Point is running on the server, ask the Share Point administrator.You can overlay a Share Point calendar with Outlook calendars or with other Share Point calendars so that you can see all events at one time.By default, the Share Point calendar opens in Calendar view under Other Calendars in the Navigation Pane.It is displayed as an additional calendar next to your default calendar in Side-By-Side Calendar view, but you can clear the check boxes for any other calendars that you do not want to view.

When you send a meeting request to a calendar on a Share Point site, you can work with it as you work with other events in your calendar on a Share Point site.However, calendars on Share Point sites do not automatically send updates to the attendees when you make changes.For example, when you change the location of a meeting, you must notify the attendees of the change.To send a calendar item, send a meeting request or an appointment by using Outlook as you usually do.

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In the To or Cc box of the meeting request, add the address of the Share Point calendar.

Or if your Share Point group already includes the calendar, add the email address of the Share Point group instead.