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13-Feb-2019 08:49

channeled its inner millenial by airing a full segment on smartphone apps for singles in the U. That's the proportion of British voters who chose 'remain' in last year's EU referendum." Host Kelly Mc Evers introduced Frayer's report by noting that Brexit "dominates the news headlines in Europe....

Lauren Frayer played up how "many British singles..started posting how they voted — 'leave' or 'remain' — on their dating profiles." She also spotlighted the "Better Together Dating" app, which apparently "bills itself as Tinder for the 48 percent.

It's the topic of family arguments over many British dinner tables.

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So there's no sense of alienation or — you know, anything like that. FREEMAN: I've had plenty of arguments with people over it.

FRAYER: Sam Freeman voted 'remain,' and uses the Better Together app for a little respite from the Brexit arguments that dominate dinner tables across the U. I mean, I think the bulk of the people at work disagree with me.

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