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After joining the game you will then enter t= he game lobby where you can select the tee box and will await the other player= s in the game.

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B= ecause you are in a short hole, the waypoints are closer and thus you may find that you are not aimed perfectly for each shot so please observe where you are a= imed at and change it if it is not correct.

Stroke Play: This is the traditional scoring method where total number of shots are counted for each individual golfer and then compared to the course’s given nominal score value (par). Match Play: This scoring system compares you to another golfer and instead of indivi= dual scores being posted, it counts number of holes won.

Your overall total scor= es do not matter, only number of holes won.

As you win a hole the score will change to reflect how many holes you are beating your opponent by (ex: 1up, 2up, etc.) or losing by (1down, 2down, etc.).

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It will only play the number = of holes needed to define a winner.

Therefore if you are 6up with 6 holes to p= lay it will list your score as 6up-dormie which means that even if you lose all= of the remaining holes you will still tie your opponent.

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