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Alternatively, you may print paper versions of the forms from our website to mail. Some forms for 2015 and beyond are only available for electronic filing via MTO and/or bulk e-file.

View the step-by-step guides including filing and paying taxes through MTO.

The preferred method of filing and paying is through the e-service: Michigan Treasury Online (MTO).

Forms 50 can be filed electronically through MTO or printed from the general Treasury website to be mailed.

For more information, see Table 2: Tax Return Form Number by Tax Year.

If you are a 4%/6% filer (providing heating sources to residential customers), you are required to file via MTO.

If you are an accelerated filer or you remit credit schedules with your SUW return (gasoline/diesel or vehicle dealer supplemental reports), you are required to file via MTO or bulk e-file.

For 2014 and prior tax years, filing must be submitted in paper format and mailed.

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Once all registered tax obligations for the period have been filed, the tax period will be removed from the “Required Returns” list under the “File & Pay” section.

Once the tax returns have been processed, they will be available for viewing, printing, or amending in MTO.