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A trauma-informed approach can be implemented in any type of service setting or organization and is distinct from trauma-specific interventions or treatments that are designed specifically to address the consequences of trauma and to facilitate healing.

A trauma-informed approach reflects adherence to six key principles rather than a prescribed set of practices or procedures.

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Dusty Miller, author and creator of ATRIUM, is available for training, consultation, workshops, and keynote presentations.She works with groups that address issues of self-sabotage, traumatic stress, trauma re-enactment, substance abuse, self-injury, eating disorders, anxiety, body-based distress, relational challenges, and spiritual struggles. The Essence of Being Real model is a peer-to-peer approach intended to address the effects of trauma.The developer feels that this model is particularly helpful for survivor groups (including abuse, disaster, crime, shelter populations, and others), first responders, and frontline service providers and agency staff.The developer feels that this model is appropriate for all populations and that it is geared to promoting relationships rather than focusing on the “bad stuff that happened.” The Sidran Institute provides educational materials, training, and implementation support.

Risking Connection is intended to be a trauma-informed model aimed at mental health, public health, and substance abuse staff at various levels of education and training.

There are several audience-specific adaptations of the model, including clergy, domestic violence advocates, and agencies serving children.

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