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04-Dec-2018 15:45

Look around, dear readers, and you will surely see a lot of marriages between Poles and Brits (or other English-speakers), but why is it always Polish women and foreign men, not the other way around?Notice our immediate company: All of my fellow Polandians; Scatts and Island1 (both English), Decoy (Irish), and Brad (American), are English-speaking foreign men married to Polish women, and I could name several other examples among our frequent commentators.It makes sense that the majority of foreign men who decide to settle down in Poland do so because they have met the loves of their lives here, but the question is: who has ever heard of a Polish man married to an Anglo-Saxon female?Intrigued by this sociological phenomenon I have attempted to come up with some plausible explanations: Reasons why English-speaking men get hitched to Polish women: 1.The supply of female human beings other than Polish is rather limited in Poland, hence if they want to stay in Poland for good there’s no choice but to pick a Polish girl 2.Polish girls are famous for their remarkable beauty all over the world and women from other countries do not stack up against them in terms of gorgeousness. Polish girls speak English to a reasonable level and are eager to keep on learning the language. Polish women are open-minded and can provide English-language expats with fascinating insights into Polish culture, customs, traditions, and national oddities.

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Of course, and as my blogmates predicted, I have managed to insult everyone I mentioned in the post.English guys fall for attractive girls, Polish women are a bit mercenary, English women are picky and Polish boys are lazy and fearful boors.Maybe what I have said is full of distortions, but regardless of the real reasons intermarriage does only seem to work in one direction. Recent strange weather conditions have led to a number of extraordinarily bright local rainbows.