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The US government warns against travel to Afghanistan.Just because I went, does not mean I recommend everyone should go.The safety situation changes on a weekly basis, and requires a good deal of research/planning beforehand.When I told family & friends I was planning a trip to Afghanistan, they thought I’d lost my mind.Afghanistan, that war-torn middle eastern country full of terrorists, soldiers, car bombs, predator drones, and IEDs. Afghanistan has been on my bucket-list for a few years after I met fellow traveler and public speaker Shane Dallas who happened to share his experience with me at a travel industry conference.I learned that the version of the country most of us see each night on the evening news is simply not the full story…

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They move their homes and animals to different valleys depending on the season.A majority of the population raises livestock for a living.They trade sheep, goats and yaks to merchants from Pakistan or other parts of Afghanistan for clothing, food, and necessities they can’t produce themselves at these remote high-altitude locations they call home.The Wakhan used to be part of the ancient Silk Road, and explorers Marco Polo and Alexander the Great both passed through this part of Afghanistan on their travels around the world.