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Iran Travel Information Iran is a wide country in southwest of Asia neighboring the Caspian Sea. All southern borders of the country end to the shores of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman. Iran’s landscapes vary remarkably at different seasons.

Unique landscapes such as limpid water springs, Pomegranate orchards, pistachio gardens, rows of Lombardy poplars, decampment of nomads in different seasons, cheliferous nights, rocks, mountains, endless high and low lands, extinct volcanoes, luxuriant forests of Alborz mountain range, and coastlines of the Caspian sea are among the eye-catching and memorable landscapes of Iran’s nature which leaves unique memories in the minds of tourists.

Best time to visit Iran : Iran lies in a continental climate with great diversities, being a vast country, Iran has regions with different temperatures even at a specific period of time.

Being situated inside a dry belt of the globe and because of the check imposed by the Alborz and Zagros ranges the plateau has a dry desert peculiarity.