Freshman in college dating a sophomore in high school

19-Dec-2018 04:39

You made your way through 9th grade, and now you're probably wondering what to expect your sophomore year in high school.

It's not as nerve-wracking as your Freshman year, where everything is new. You understand who the Queen Bees are, and you've found your group of friends that will probably be by your side over the next few years.

Instead, being a Sophomore means knowing enough to start your focus on college and/or your career path after high school. You've gotten through one hurdle of high school. What's nice is that, while you're still an underclassman, you have freshmen that are looking up to you this time around.

Being a 10th grader means taking things a little more seriously while being more comfortable in your surroundings. It also means a little more responsibility to show those Christian values and lend a helping hand to the new kids who don't know how to get from the gym to room 202.

Put yourself back in their shoes, just for a little bit, and remember how someone lent you a helping hand.

Or if they didn't, remember how it made you feel.

Now that you're in your sophomore year, teachers no longer baby you.

You'll be expected to do more work and take more responsibility.

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