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Like robots, their feet rising and falling in perfect unity, hundreds of women soldiers of the North Korean People’s Army march across Kim Il-sung Square in Pyongyang to mark 60 years since the end of the Korean War.Such togetherness is the result of hundreds of hours of drills in soulless barracks, where the recruits perfect their marching formations either by linking arms, or even by being tied together at the neck with ropes.Though few outside this most secretive of nations are aware of it, more than ten per cent of the army is made up of women — indeed some reports from defectors suggest the figure could be as high as 40 per cent.They have already been subjected to ideological brainwashing at school, where they learn how to conjugate English verbs with such phrases as ‘We are killing Americans’, or ‘We have killed Americans’, followed by 300 hours’ annual paramilitary training in the obligatory Red Guard Youth.North Koreans are drafted at the age of 17, though those bright enough to go to university join later and have to undergo six months in a military training camp, since they are more likely to be officer material.Some facts of life in North Korea cannot be hidden from view, which is why recently the country had to reduce its military minimum height requirement from 4ft 9in (145cm) to 4ft 8in (142cm), to include shorter women unfortunate enough to have been born painfully undernourished during the terrible famines.All conscripts have to serve for between three and five years, beginning with a month of intensive training in which corporal punishments are not unknown.

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