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Benefitting from the region’s growing internet presence, PASMO operates several program components from behind a screen.

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A key feature of the program is its investment in the people who make it work.

PASMO launched an online portal that uses a gamification strategy to award points to cyber-educators who reach their targets for outreach, referrals, and voucher downloads.

The site offers tools to help cyber-educators make successful connections with users, and because data collected from the portal is entered into the monitoring system, it also functions as a performance report.

The fact that such a large proportion of MSM were reached online suggests that online interventions are extending access to behavior change messages and services to populations that have been difficult to engage in the past.

In addition to the cyber-educator program for MSM, PASMO maintains and regularly updates websites covering topics such as stigma and discrimination, HIV risk and transmission, and masculinity, which appeal to people living with HIV, men, and transgender women.These sites attract thousands of visitors each year.For vulnerable populations, the ability to remain anonymous can relieve fears about seeking HIV services.The Program uses an innovative monitoring system with the dual benefit of protecting individuals’ identities while connecting them to needed services.