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She cracks jokes and communicates with fans, but her most admirable online quality is using her voice and platform to speak on important issues.“I thought this was a redo for me.” Josh’s longtime right-hand man cunningly explains why he brought in the noted chef.“This time I want to make sure Josh picks the right chef.” As Voltaggio goes to leave he says, “I left some apps for Josh to taste, or you guys can come to one of my restaurants,” to which Gabi screams after him, “Why do you even need this job?I got this cd for Christmas in 2013 and now its January second 2014 and I already know a bunch of words to most songs...

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Sure, there were stops along the way — Patrick Schwarzenegger being one; Stella Maxwell another — but now the co-stars are back together and better than ever.Don’t write her off as another Disney darling who grabbed a recording contract out of requirement from the network.No, she’s got powerhouse pipes and can write catchy bangers and beautiful acoustic ballads.In a recent tweet, I made this long overdue declaration: “Emily Osment is the most underrated comedic actress of our time.” I have done the research and can definitively inform you that this statement is gospel.