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The operative will coach and guide their celebrity teammate and compete alongside them. All celebrities play for military-related charities. Each will be paired with an “operative” who is a member or former member of the armed forces or a law enforcement agency. The former Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO and former presidential candidate is set as host of NBC’s upcoming celebrity reality competition series , which will premiere August 13 and air Mondays at 9 PM, will feature a celebrity cast that includes boxing champion Laila Ali, Sarah Palin’s husband Todd Palin, actor Dean Cain, actor and former NFL player Terry Crews, TV personality Nick Lachey, Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street, the eight competitors will gather at a remote training facility where they will tackle difficult missions inspired by real military exercises.The extraordinary strangeness of “Stars Earn Stripes,” NBC’s latest reality show, first begins to sink in when Wesley Clark hops out of a Jeep and saunters toward a row of B-list celebrities decked out in military gear.“This looks like a great platoon to me,” he tells a group that includes Todd Palin, pop star Nick Lachey, and actor Dean Cain.Some actual military servicemen loom to one side, looking very genetically superior.Then there is the former NATO commander and one-time Democratic candidate himself, with his Presidential Medal of Freedom and four Viet Cong bullet wounds, wearing a preppy blue windbreaker and telling the gang that he “would love to have commanded a unit like this.”It's a surreal scene, to say the least.

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“Stars Earn Stripes,” General Clark explained, appealed to him as a way to access a demographic that, in his view, is mostly oblivious to what the U. We grew up in the world of the draft.” So his hope is that today’s young people might “see the military through the eyes of Nick Lachey, and think, look what these people are doing.Pretty interesting, pretty tough, pretty awesome.”“Stars Earn Stripes” is clearly engineered to glorify our troops, to celebrate the daily rigor and danger of military life.The premise is that “stars” (these include “WWE diva” Eva Torres, “Biggest Loser” coach Dolvett Quince, and Olympic skier Picabo Street) compete at taking down targets, leaping from helicopters, and writhing through mud under barbed wire.Shots of exploding grenades cut out to General Clark alone in a control room, coolly observing the proceedings on a large screen.

Each celebrity is paired with a real member of the armed forces: a SWAT commander, a marine, a CPO proudly identified as “the most lethal sniper in U. military history.”Before this hosting gig, General Clark told me, his television-watching was mostly limited to golf and football.

(Though it should be said that while leading the war in Kosovo, he certainly did not skimp on the television appearances.) He’d occasionally catch a reality show while flipping through channels and “see these people running across water, bouncing off balloons and things.