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John Cena stumbles on a old Youtube video of Eve admitting she has a secret crush on him, but another girl also has feelings for him. Zack & AJ my couple from Saved By A Broski also make their love official. Because he is so damn sexy, he's infamous, so bring it on John." Brooke giggled."I knew I was popular but this is ridiculous," Cena laughed at himself.

"If I could have a date with any WWE Superstar, it would definitely have to be John Cena.

" he said to himself with a smile."Hey guys, this is Eve, and I'm tagging in to reveal my Superstar Crush. Toward the end of the video, former Extreme Expose member Brooke came on.

There will be several couples including Zack and AJ. Cena was chilling in his locker room before Raw on his computer when he noticed a peculiar Youtube video entitled Eve Torres – Secret Crush. Cena could tell that the video was a little old and dated as it was posted back in 2007 but he still watched it it with interest, "Well whattya think about that? John still held his smile through the video, his interest growing in both the video and Eve in the process.

Well today's the day Secret Crush makes it's debut to the fanfiction world! The fic also takes place shortly before the 2012 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, specifically starting on the February 13th edition of Raw. His sexy eyes and strong jawline are everything I could dream about in a man..." Eve said on the video.

Remember how I said Saved By A Broski was the prequel to a future fic entitled Secret Crush? The fic itself is inspired by an old Youtube video entitled Eve Torres – Secret Crush, where Eve and the other Diva Search winners reveal who their secret superstar crushes are.

" She asked innocently."Well I watched an old video of you online," Cena said innocently, trying to approach this like a gentleman."A video? He was the most upbeat, happy-go-lucky guy she'd ever met."A secret crush video," Cena said, scratching his head in bashfulness. Cena quickly came after Kane trying to get at the big man from behind. He was forced to fight defensively and he was clearly losing as sounds of combat filled the hall. Kane was unaware Eve had escaped and drove off with the ambulance. They passionately kissed for about a minute before Eve noticed Zack was there, and she immediately started to panic. She didn't know what to say, especially since she knew Zack had some feelings for her at one point."Eve, Eve its okay.

John sent Kane into a nearby wall of equipment before rushing back to the ambulance. Eve trembled in John's arms."Are you alright," John said showing obvious concern for her. I'm not mad." Zack said understandingly."Y-You're not? I found a broskette in need of me, come on over AJ." Zack said cheerfully.

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