Dns updating 1and1

25-Nov-2018 07:05

Learn about new features and enhancements in your 1&1 Control Panel.

In the last few weeks we added new functions to the E-mail, Office 365 and Domains sections and took the opportunity to fix a few small bugs.

You can manage external domains (domains registered with another provider) with 1&1 by going to Domains For a full walkthrough and additional information, please visit 1&1 Help: Set Up an External Domain with 1&1 SSL certificates provide secure, encrypted data transfer and protect your visitors’ important data. SSL is also an important ranking factor used by Google.

To make using SSL with 1&1 as easy as possible, we added the option to activate your SSL certificates on the following pages in the 1&1 Control Panel: Or set up domain forwarding, an E-Mail Adress and advanced DNS settings.

Easily export an overview of your domains as an Excel, XML, CSV or JSON file from the Domains section.

Using this export file, you can comfortably process important information about your domain in a tool of your choice.

Features: Manage Domains in 1&1 Control Panel If you use 1&1 List Local, you can now access your product more easily.

While it was only displayed in the contract in which you ordered it in the past, it is now available in all contracts.

In the 1&1 Control Panel, you can check the capacity utilization of your websites and applications (CMS) in the Performance Level section.

With increased capacity needs, you can flexibly increase RAM, MEMORY LIMIT and PROCESSES for a direct performance boost without contractual obligations.

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