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returns with new episodes this Wednesday (February 26), and to get our audience ready for what happens next, we visited the Texas shooting location for the series and talked to members of the cast, in interviews you will find here on KSite TV in the coming days and weeks. And so she’s mad, but he’s still her first love, and he’s still that person for her.A lot of interest came our way about the romantic entanglements of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), who recently slept with Sebastian Monroe’s son Connor (Mat Vairo) and may have a reunion with Jason (JD Pardo) in the near future. And then all of the sudden, this bomb comes in and she sees Jason, and there’s a lot of anger there from her. I see Jason as somebody who she’s afraid to trust him, because she doesn’t trust herself with him. ’ So I think that’s a big part of why she holds back with him.Tracy spoke with us a bit about what’s going on with a possible Charlie-Connor-Jason love triangle.“With Connor, and as you see after the whole sex thing happens, she sits down with him and she’s just like ‘only if you care.’ She’s very just ‘whatever’ about it. Because whatever it is with him, she’ll kind of do it, and she’ll get herself into trouble,” Tracy said, before reminiscing about what the situation was like in Season 1. It’s interesting to see [it] happen, but as far as which way she goes, I will not tell you that,” she teased.

“He saved her life and he does all these good things at the beginning, and then he kind of goes to Jerkville for a little bit, dabbles there, and then comes back.

So, I think she just kind of handles him with great care.

There’s a lot of caution there.”You can see more of our interview with Tracy Spiridakos below.

= 13) from seven pre-Columbian cemeteries in the Samaca and Ullujaya Basins of the lower Ica Valley, south coast of Peru, spanning from the end of the Early Horizon to the Inca Late Horizon. Yet, in all cases, their putative dating by material culture remains is confirmed by these C dates.

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This shows that such disturbed contexts, sadly typical of the Peruvian coast, can nonetheless still yield valuable bioarchaeological and burial practice data.

These dates elaborate upon an emerging picture of the absolute dating of the cultural phases of the wider south coast region, in particular casting new light on the poorly understood Middle Horizon to Late Intermediate period transition.

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