Dating someone who works on an oil rig

03-Feb-2019 13:40

People will tell you the money is not worth the hardship it is causing in your marriage. I know alot of the advice that is given to people that work away on an oil rig is to just quit. For some couples this type of lifestyle is easy, but for others it can be unbearable.Can you just quit is overwhelming but when there is love in a relationship you can over come just about anything.Here is a simple strategy that will almost always help.Give your wife some space and take sometime for yourself. Use this time apart to make a few changes in your life.What this will do is allow you to gradually make some changes in your life and help you to have a new outlook on your relationship.This will also give your wife a chance to miss you and a chance to reflect on what it was she loves about you.

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Oil rig life takes its toll on not only the men out there doing the work but also on the families anxiuosly waiting for the to return.

It is a workable situation and you will find that most rig wives love oil rig life as much as their partners.

A drilling rig is a machine that creates. The technique of oil drilling through percussion or rotary drilling has its origins dating back to the ancient.… continue reading »

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