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11-Mar-2019 06:19

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was hit by a torpedo off the south coast of Ireland yesterday.

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Some passengers managed to clamber into lifeboats and these were taken on board local vessels.It is estimated that some 600 people may have escaped the ship.An artist's interpretation of victims in the water after the sinking of the [London, England], ) The survivors were brought to hotels, boarding houses and family homes.Many were dazed and in shock, as well as shivering from the dampness of their clothing.

Although the lifeboats on the had room for some 2,600 people, and early reports suggest there were only 2,000 on board, the speed at which the ship sunk would have left it impossible for all aboard to have escaped.

Families anxious for information At the Cunard offices in Liverpool a huge crowd assembled and besieged the staff with anxious inquiries as to the fate of their friends and relations. Sir Hugh Lane (centre), director of the National Gallery of Ireland and centre of the controversy surrounding the building of a new modern art gallery in Dublin, is missing. (Images: [London, England], ] There were distressing scenes as people of all classes scrambled for the news which was published on the windows of the offices by staff.