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30-Nov-2018 18:08

mysticdabberokay so I've literally conquered every other route on this damn game but yuuri keeps flat out rejecting me??UPDATE 1.2: graphics updated to include CGUPDATE 1.3, 4/16/17: minor edits, thank you note from the creator Vietnamese Translation by the wonderful snowywing!mysticdabber okay so I’ve literally conquered every other route on this damn game but yuuri keeps flat out rejecting me??-Hug him at the end of his final performance, but ONLY his final performance.And then episode 11 came and now i'm under the stress of waiting for episode 12.UPDATE 1.1: game updated to include Georgi Route (i'm so sorry best boy), a couple other touch-ups, and bug-fixing.

The route from this point on should be pretty straightforward.Seriously, if you look through his CG gallery, you’ll see the only people he makes affectionate physical contact with are Yuuri (and you, since you got that hug CG at the end of his True Friend route).It’s obvious Victor adores Yuuri, though, even if Yuuri thinks otherwise.And Yuuri loves him back, so much; why do you think it’s so hard to get his Lover’s route?

-When Phichit asks you about what happened to Victor at the banquet to change him, say “Maybe he fell in love.” -When trying to figure out who sent Yuuri the roses, say “Maybe it was Victor.” This answer is confirmed if you hit the easter egg in Leo’s route (see below).-When you and Yuuri are talking about Victor, choose the options that insinuate he’s still in love with Victor.(If you do this without the other requirements, it’s possible get a Friend route where Yuuri accepts his onesided love for Victor, and thanks you for supporting him.) -It’s not enough to continuously insinuate to Yuuri that Victor is in love with him.

It may seem like he’s just brushing you off, but if you catch the right flags, it pays off: If you do every single one of these things, then…-Whoa since when did this become Victor’s route??

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