Dating in recovery

21-Jan-2019 21:08

If you’re one of the thousands of Americans looking to date someone while living a life of sobriety, you’re in luck!

Introducing Sober: the first social-networking and sober dating app designed solely for those who are dedicated to not using drugs and alcohol.

It’s not easy finishing drug and alcohol rehab and then trying to go back out in the world to make meaningful social connections.

For one thing, when you want to meet up with someone, the typical arrangement is: “Let’s get a drink!

” For the recovering addict, this obviously won’t work.

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The creator of Sober, Antoine Nauleau, is a 21-year-old former addict.

He found it very difficult to try to re-integrate into society after completing drug and alcohol rehab.

The risk of relapse is always present, and you need to find a safe community who supports your sobriety.

People have some widely differing opinions on the issue of dating in recovery.

The common belief, however, is that those who are recovering from addiction and alcoholism should not date within the first year.We’ve briefly mentioned this rule before, in our article on building a strong and sober support network.Now, we’d like to cover it in a bit more detail for those who might still get the idea that dating in recovery is no big deal.It bears repeating that it is only within the first year that dating in recovery is not suggested.