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10-Jan-2019 17:03

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The skeletons of three individuals found in graves dating back to the 7th Century AD (pictured) were found to have been buried in a way that followed Islamic rights, orientating their bodies and heads towards Mecca.DNA testing also revealed the trio were from North Africa, which had fallen into the hands of the Muslim Umayyads Writing in the journal Public Library of Sciences One, Yves Gleize, an archaeologist at the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research, and his colleagues said three skeletons may have been members of the Berbers tribes who were integrated into the Umayyad army.'Notably, the analyses confirm the Berber origin of some of the first Muslim troops spreading through Europe and also indicate the co-existence of communities in Nimes practicing Christian and Muslim funerary customs without any clear partition of their respective funerary spaces.

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It follows then, that its elected leaders might be expected to represent the views of France's Muslim… continue reading »

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