Dating bans and mistaken identity

16-Jan-2019 20:34

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You've probably taken joy in blocking someone from your Facebook feed, knowing you'll never again be subjected to their endless moans, tiresome selfies and boring self-pity.It's not so nice, though, when the tables are turned and it's you being blocked.Not just by an old acquaintance you no longer care about, but by Facebook itself. With endless rules and guidelines, there are dozens of ways to find yourself on Facebook's naughty step.As this lot proves, sometimes the reasons Facebook gives for blocking users are just downright bizarre.Related: 9 things you need to delete from your Facebook page right now If there's one thing that Facebook really hates, it's fake names (as you'll see by the frequency with which they crop up here).

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They asked me to send in proof of identity, which I did," she told Sharing a name with an extremist group isn't the only completely innocent way to get yourself a Facebook ban.Something as simple as having a celebrity namesake can see you slapped with social restraining order too. No relation to the American pop star, just a legit namesake, back in 2012, New Mexico resident Selena Miranda Gomez had her account blocked, despite that being her real name, as Facebook told her "impersonating anyone or anything is not allowed".3.A LONG AND COMPLICATED ROAD TO RECOVERYRelated: Facebook tips and tricks Despite having been a Facebook user for eight years, admittedly under his birth name of William Wood, Mr Something Long and Complicated saw his Facebook account taken down on a number of occasions after changing his name by deed poll.Something, who feared he'd lost a number of photos taken at his wedding (to Mrs Long And Complicated?

dating bans and mistaken identity-88

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) had his account taken down multiple times before Facebook finally gave up trying to understand his confusing new title and deactivated his account."I have sent in all the documentation they have asked for to prove my identity but the account still hasn't been reactivated," he said last October.

"I'm really frustrated and annoyed at this situation. One picture happens to be of her breastfeeding the little guy/gal.