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24-Nov-2018 23:30

Photographs of a Porsche-driving lawyer's daughter who shot a homeless man twice claiming she was in fear of her life appear on a website where she is described as a stripper and 0-an-hour escort.Katie Layne Quackenbush, 26, has been charged with attempted murder for shooting 54-year-old Gerald Melton twice on August 26 at 3am near Nashville's Music Row.Police say she got out of her white Porsche Cayenne and shot the man after he asked her to turn her music down.Her father, prominent Texas defense attorney Jesse Quackenbush, insisted to Daily that she was acting in self-defense and said was a good-hearted single mom who is trying to make her way in Nashville as a country star.He declined to comment on Thursday when contacted about her past but described her as an 'innocent woman'.

The woman's former fiancé has also come forward after learning of her arrest in the news and says he is not the least bit surprised by it. He claimed the pair dated 'on and off' for a year-and-a-half in 2011 and were engaged.

Quackenbush, who has a five-year-old son with a different man, was working at the time as a professional skier and stripper but was pursuing her dreams of becoming a musician, he said.

The pair shared an apartment in Denver but, Mc Grath said, she 'had a superiority complex' about 'being rich'.

Daily previously reported on the fact that Quackenbush had been arrested in 2013 for assault causing bodily injury.

Her father said the arrest stemmed from a 'squabble' with her mother, the charged were dropped and that she has no criminal convictions.

Mc Grath said she also had a .5million trust fund which he said she would only have access to if she had no felony convictions.