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Every season we get to sit back and watch the drama unfold between (approximately, because it varies) 16 strangers.

These are mostly hot 20-somethings specifically chosen for their penchant to not get along with the others chosen to (likewise) not get along with them.

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Channel 5, which airs the show in the UK, has received hundreds of complaints from fans and haters alike, all due to Marco Pierre White, Jr. As you will see, you would think they would be used to this kind of thing by now, but apparently not.Perhaps it is because when this occurred, the scandalous couple had literally entered the house days before.So they basically immediately began getting it on with blatant disregard for their own privacy or for anyone else’s comfort level, including that of the viewers, some of whom say they felt “sick” watching the two. Marco has a fiancée on the outside, who gave him a “hall pass” for the show!He did not take long to use said hall pass, nor did he wait long after beginning this relationship with Laura to take in 2014, and their immediate attraction turned into a Showmance, and eventually they even walked down the aisle!

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Before that though, during their time in the house, their intimate emotional and physical love affair was well documented on camera.

The internet is rife with photos of the 2 in bed- some leaving not too much to the imagination about what was happening under the covers, despite both of them being fully shielded by a blanket.

Nick Starcevic Nude Big Brother 8 star, Nick Starcevic, text a naked photo of himself from.… continue reading »

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Oct 14, 2007. Yana interviews Daniele Donato, from Big Brother 8. Find out what. Q I was a HUGE Daniele fan this summer, and I was wondering what YOUR side of the spider-under-the-bed story was. Well, I would have voted to keep nick, and I would've told people how I really felt about them ie Dustin, Amber.… continue reading »

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