Criss angel dating 2016

09-Oct-2018 02:04

The magic in Criss Angel’s new show on the Strip is to arrive from two performers: Angel himself and Chloe Crawford.

This is the overarching message from the casting of Angel’s “Mindfreak Live! The new show supplants “Believe,” which is closing April 17. ” is designed to carry Angel through the remainder of his contract with Cirque du Soleil at the hotel, which runs through October 2018.

In the announcement of the show, Angel has elevated Crawford to the role of co-star, and it is clear that these two will deliver the magic.

But there is a large ensemble in this production, too.

Making up that crew: Comic actor Mateo Amieva (Maestro from “Believe”), Penny Wiggins (who long portrayed Psychic Tanya, the daffy sidekick of The Amazing Johnathan), “tricking” artist Chase Jarvis, dancer/acrobat Daniel Torres, dancer Michelle Di Terlizzi (late of “Peepshow,” “Vegas!

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In that silent-auction package is a private magic lesson, given by Angel and members of his “The Supernaturalists” touring show.

The full guest list is being built, but Siegfried & Roy, Jerry Lewis, Wayne Newton, Tony Orlando, Vince Neil, Carrot Top, Gene Simmons, Gary Oldman, Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas, Flavor Flav and Miles Brown are being lured to the event by the ever-persuasive master of ceremonies.