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Clan Core Stats Rules Fealty Stars is a premier 5 year old social clan.

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Politics, Religion, Race, Drugs, Lifestyle and 'Dating' should be moved to private or friends chat.This prevents arguments, polarization and potential fracturing of clan.(4) Do not ask to trust borrow, trust lend or to log onto anyone's account for any reason, nor allow anyone to log onto your account.More than one 'personality' on an account is confusing to clan members, and account sharing is against Jagex Rules.(5) If you have multiple accounts, only one of your accounts is permitted as a member of Fealty Stars.

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You may change to another of your accounts but bear in mind you will lose all accumulated xp and have to start over from the bottom.(6) Behave like mature adults no matter your age.

This is a mature and age mature clan which expects appropriate behavior from all members.(7) No divisive behavior such as 'under the radar drama', recruiting for an existing or planned clan amongst our members, pot stirring, overt and excessive attention seeking behavior, or taking any action deemed by Deputies and Owner as undermining clan continuity and/or stability.(8) Participate in clan chat as much as is comfortable for you to do so.