Autocad electrical title block not updating

01-Dec-2018 20:41

Block Replacement You can perform drawing-wide or project-wide block replacements using a user-defined Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and an Auto CAD Electrical-aware symbol library that it references.The spreadsheet performs a lookup for each block name and finds the corresponding new block.Each new block drawing is pulled from the Auto CAD Electrical symbol library and inserted (scaled and rotated as required) in the drawing.The spreadsheet is checked to copy the old attribute values to the appropriate new names on the newly inserted block.This process continues across the drawing, and terminates when no more block names remain.It automatically continues to the next drawing if project-wide mode is selected.The mapping spreadsheet has two parts: Attribute mapping defaults and Block name mapping.

Attribute mapping defaults General mapping of old attribute names to new attribute names so that the old values on the blocks can be copied to the swapped Auto CAD Electrical-smart block.

Block name mapping Maps existing specific or wild-carded block names to the new Auto CAD Electrical block to use during the block instance swap.

Each row of this spreadsheet is a mapping record for an old name to a new name swap.

When you swap or update a block there may be times when you want the values of certain attributes mapped to different attribute names.

For example, you may be doing a Library Update and the library symbols you are swapping out do not use standard Auto CAD Electrical attribute names.You want a quick way to update the library symbols, but you do not want to lose information held on the current attributes.Just a quick update on our Auto CAD Electrical blog. With a minimum post goal of 52 blog posts this year.I will try to monitor the comments as best as I can. The first few weeks of January I focused on the Title Block Update utility.