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30-Nov-2018 19:57

In March 2002, when NASSPE was founded, only about a dozen public schools offered single-gender classrooms.

In the 2011-2012 school year, at least 506 public schools in the United States offered single-sex educational opportunities.

About 390 of those schools are COED schools which offer single-sex CLASSROOMS, but which retain at least some coed activities.

In some cases, the only coed activities were lunch and one or two electives, so the distinction between a single-sex school, and a coed school with single-sex classrooms, can become a matter for debate.

From March 2002 through July 2007, we listed single-sex schools on one web page, while coed schools with single-sex classes were listed on a separate web page.

As it became increasingly obvious that the distinction was often arbitrary, we decided in August 2007 to begin listing all public schools offering single-sex classrooms on the same web page, which is this page.meaning that students attending any of those schools have most or all of their school activities in a setting which is all-boys or all-girls.

All but five of those 116 schools were single-sex campuses, such as the the Pro-Vision School, an all-boys school in Houston, Texas, or the Charity Adams Earley Academy for Girls in Dayton, Ohio.

Throughout 2011 we learned that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was using our list of schools to send out harassing letters to public schools offering single-sex classrooms. The letters threaten legal action if the school doesn't promptly reply.

Nevertheless, the ACLU sent a letter threatening legal action if the district did not abandon the single-gender format.

Steven Book, an attorney working for the Adrian school district, said that while the district "does not necessarily agree with ACLU's legal analysis or conclusions regarding research on this topic" it will accede to the group's request.

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