Accommodating conflict style

17-Oct-2018 18:18

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(Thomas/Killman, 1972 with further descriptions and analysis by Bonnie Burrell, 2001) The Competing Style is when you stress your position without considering opposing points of view.

This style is highly assertive with minimal cooperativeness; the goal is to win.

The competing style is used when a person has to take quick action, make unpopular decisions, handle vital issues, or when one needs protection in a situation where noncompetitive behavior can be exploited.

To develop this style you must develop your ability to argue and debate, use your rank or position, assert your opinions and feelings, and learn to state your position and stand your ground.

Overuse of this style can lead to lack of feedback, reduced learning, and low empowerment.

This can result in being surrounded by “ Yes-Men”.

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Under use of the competing style leads to a lowered level of influence, indecisiveness, slow action, and withheld contributions.

When the competing style is underused some emergent behaviors people exhibit include justifying the behaviors, demanding concessions as a condition of working on the problem, threatening separation as a way of making others give in, and launching personal attacks.

The Avoiding Style is when you do not satisfy your concerns or the concerns of the other person.

This style is low assertiveness and low cooperativeness. It is appropriate to use this style when there are issues of low importance, to reduce tensions, or to buy time.

Avoidance is also appropriate when you are in a low power position and have little control over the situation, when you need to allow others to deal with the conflict, or when the problem is symptomatic of a much larger issue and you need to work on the core issue.

To develop skills in this style use foresight in knowing when to withdraw, learn to sidestep loaded questions or sensitive areas by using diplomacy, become skillful at creating a sense of timing, and practice leaving things unresolved.

No conflict style is inherently right or wrong. By accommodating you set aside your own personal needs because you want to please others in order to keep the peace.… continue reading »

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There are strengths and weaknesses to each conflict style. decision about what conflict style to use. The five conflict styles are. Accommodating.… continue reading »

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